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seb10-001 Tools and Techniques for Intelligent Characterization of Fuels Dr Simon Walters (University of Brighton) Dr Cyril Crua
seb10-006 Proposed Model for Constructional Design of Photovoltaic Attached Steep Roof Systems and Case Study: Istanbul, Turkey Architect Ayse Mutlu (Istanbul Technical University) Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Nil Turkeri
seb10-008 Achieving Energy Efficiency in Office Building Dr. Rusdy Hartungi (School of Built and Natural Environment) Dr. Liben Jiang
seb10-009 Summer performance of a ventilated roof component Professor Francesco Patania (D.I.I.M., Faculty of Engineering, University of Catania) doctor Alfio Ferlito, Professor Antonio Gagliano, doctor Aldo Galesi, doctor Francesco Nocera
seb10-010 Displacement of conventional domestic energy demands by electricity: implications for the distribution network Professor Roger Morgan (Liverpool John Moores University)
seb10-012 Renewable energies in the EU energy policy. Model of territorial distribution of the efforts in order to fulfil the strategic goal for 2020. Ph.D. Alfredo Tolón-Becerra (University of Almeria) Ph.D. Fernando Bienvenido-Bárcena, Ph.D. student Xavier Lastra-Bravo
seb10-017 Control Strategies of a Variable Speed Wind Energy Generation System Professor aziz Naamane (LSIS) Professor Nacer Msirdi
seb10-027 Model Predictive Control of a Wind Energy Storage System for Frequency Regulation Mr Muhammad Khalid (The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia) Prof. Andrey Savkin
seb10-032 Future-proofed Design for Sustainable Urban Communities Miss Maria-Christina Georgiadou (PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge) Dr Theophilus Hacking
seb10-050 COMPARITIVE STUDY OF BIOGAS SLURRY WITH FARMYARD MANURE AS FERTILIZER ON MAIZE CROP Mr. Mehmood Riaz (Department of Structures and Environmental Engineering) Mr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Dr. Faizan-ul-Haq Khan, Dr. Abdul Nasir
seb10-061 Use of super-capacitor to enhance charging performance Professor B J Huang (Dept of Mechanical Engineering) MS student P Y Ho, PhD student P C Hsu
seb10-062 The EcoSense Project: an intelligent energy management system with a wireless sensor and actor network Dr. Teresa Olivares (University of Castilla-La Mancha) PhD student Tomas Clemente, PhDstudent Pedro Diaz, PhD Student Raul Galindo
seb10-065 Enabling low carbon living in new housing developments ? a triple bottom line analysis Ms Steffie Broer (UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering) Dr Helena Titheridge
seb10-068 Aspects of life cycle investing for sustainable refurbishments in Australia Associate Professor Eckhart Hertzsch (The University of Melbourne) Senior Lecturer Chris Heywood, Associate, Meinhardt Mirek Piechowski, Building Scientist Adrian Rowe
seb10-071 An Analytic Hierarchy Process Model for Assessing Occupants? Adaptations to Thermal Comfort in Offices Mr Jing Liu (School of Construction Management and Engineering) Dr Rachel McCloy, Dr Runming Yao
seb10-073 Assessing the energy performance of office buildings Mrs Christina Konstantinidou (Dep. of Evironmental Engineering, Democritus Univ. of Thrace) Lecturer Argiro DIMOUDI, Assoc. Professor Panos Kosmopoulos
seb10-074 Advantages of using raw materials in ancient and recent buildings Eng. António Murta (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro) Eng. Jorge Pinto, Eng. Humberto Varum
seb10-002 The Use of Intelligent Systems for Monitoring Energy Use and Occupancy in Existing Homes Dr Catalina Spataru (University of Nottingham) Dr Mark Gillott
seb10-005 Advent of climate change and the resultant energy related obsolescence in the built environment Dr. Talib Butt (Greenwich University) Ms Justine Cooper, Prof. Bob Giddings, Prof. Keith Jones, Mr. Bonny Umeadi (PhD)
seb10-018 Architectural Daylighting Analysis of Photovoltaic Panels of BIPV with Zero Energy Emission Approach Dr. Shahram Nassehzadeh Tabriz (Dep. of Architecture,Islamic Azad University-Miyaneh Branch) Arch. Ahadollah A'zami
seb10-020 Energy Saving Technologies for Conventional Dwellings ? A ?Whole House? Concept Mr Pat Addy (Leeds Metropolitan University) Professor David Webb
seb10-034 Modifying courtyard wall geometries to maximise daylight performance of courtyard Dr. Ahmad Freewan (Assistant professor)
seb10-046 Development of a Simulation Tool to Predict Urban Wind Potential Ms Christina Beller (Risø DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy)
seb10-047 Transformerless 3-phase PV Inverter simulation for efficient building installations MSc Prodromos Fetfatzis (Phd Student) Professor Konstadinos Alafodimos, Mr Miltiadis Kallousis, MSc Kofinas Kofinas
seb10-053 Characterisation of a Line-Axis Solar Thermal Collector for Building Façade Integration Mr Miguel Ramirez Stefanou (University of Ulster) Dr Trevor Hyde, Dr Tapas Mallick, Dr Jayanta Mondol, Dr Mervyn Smyth, Dr Aggelos Zacharopoulos
seb10-007 How hotelier?s attitudes shape the energy profile of their facilities; exploring the energy consumption in hotels using energy scenarios. Miss Eva Maleviti (CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGY,University of Surrey)
seb10-079 Direction Dependent Power Curves for Wind Power Prediction: A Case Study  Mr Muhammad Khalid (The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia) Prof. Andrey Savkin