A PDF copy of the full conference programme is available (a large file)

PLEASE NOTE! Because of continuing air travel problems, the presentation schedule in the programme may no longer be accurate. Please refer to the Paper Presentation Schedule supplied below for the latest information.

Conference Timetable

A timetable for the conference is available

Paper Presentation Schedule

A schedule for the presentation of papers is available

All paper presentations will be oral.

All papers are allowed 20 minutes, made up of 15 minutes presentation time and 5 minutes for questions.

A laptop computer and data-projector will be provided for the use of presenters.

Please note that the list of papers is provided as a guide to the content of the Conference. However, we cannot guarantee that all of these papers will be presented, and there may also be some additions to the list.

Accepted Papers

A list of papers that have been accepted, and for which a registration had been received, are available .. here ...

Some additional papers have been accepted, but no paid registration has been confirmed. If you intend to attend the conference but you paper is not included in the above list, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Solar Building
  • University of Brighton
  • KES International
  • KES International
  • World Renewable Energy Congress/Network
  • International Association for Hydrogen Energy