Papers are sought for SEB'10 on a range of renewable energy and sustainability related topics. In addition the conference will explore two innovative themes:-
- The application of intelligent sensing, control, optimisation and modelling techniques to sustainability
- The technology of sustainable buildings
and combining these themes
- The Intelligent Building

The following topics are relevant to SEB'10, however this list is not intended to be exclusive and papers on any topics relevant to the above themes are applicable:-

Renewable energy technologies: photo-voltaics, solar thermal, biomass, geothermal systems. Micro-wind turbines, horizontal and vertical axis aero-generators. On-site, off-grid, grid-supplemented generation systems; combined heat and power (CHP) and micro-CHP systems.

Control and optimisation of renewable energy systems: sensors and instrumentation technology, virtual sensors; smart monitoring and control using intelligent systems; high-efficiency switching systems; highly-efficient voltage conversion systems; novel high efficiency distribution systems and low voltage busses.

High efficiency power storage systems: battery systems; reversible fuel cells; flywheel systems; super-capacitors.

Novel primary sources: bio-mass generation schemes; Stirling cycle engines; bio-fuelled diesel generators.

Applications to building services: heating and ventilating control systems for reduced energy use; building management systems; low energy building technology; low energy lighting systems; high-output light LED lighting systems; passive solar heating systems.

Energy modelling schemes: life cycle analysis methodologies; tools and life cycle analysis; triple-bottom-line analysis.

  • Solar Building
  • University of Brighton
  • KES International
  • KES International
  • World Renewable Energy Congress/Network
  • International Association for Hydrogen Energy